Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Baseballs and Suprise Ceremonies Kasey and James {e-session}

What a day full of surprises this was! We had initially planned to meet and go in to Commonwealth Stadium and it was open until about 5 minutes before we were going to start our session. :( So sadly no football stadium photos. Instead we started off at the Aboritum where Kasey and James had brought along their sweet lab to take a few shots. Bailey got to discover the park during the session although James was in horror most of the time so she didn't stay out for long. When then continued our journey downtown and wondered some of the backstreets where we found an antique shop that had a GIANT baseball. Since James is a former UK baseball player this was an Awesome find. As we were going up to the shop the owner stepped out and we asked him if we could take some shots with his baseball he was super nice and of course said sure. The owner also asked us what we were out there taking photos for? James told him they where getting married and the owner was so please he introduced himself as a minister and proceeded to marry them over the baseball. (No Joke!!) He of course left out a few choice phrases but it was a ceremony! James of course was thinking if it only could have been that easy?! But the surprise ceremony was fun. We were the first to witness the couple getting married now they are ready for next month! Here are some of the shots from the day enjoy!

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